Amazon Ad Types and Targeting in India: Boost Your Brand's Visibility and Sales

Amazon is a popular e-commerce platform in India today. It offers a variety of products to customers. This popularity has led to sellers and brands constantly searching for effective ways to promote and increase visibility of their products on Amazon. Amazon Advertising is a powerful tool for marketers. It offers a variety of ad types and targeting options that can help brands reach their advertising goals. We will be discussing the various Amazon ads available in India and their importance, as well as recommendations for ad placements that are based on different goals.


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4/6/20236 min read

black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo
black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

Amazon Ad Types in India

Sponsored Products Ads - Sponsored Products Ads is the most popular ad type on Amazon. These ads allow brands to promote specific products in search results and product detail pages. Sponsored Products ads are displayed alongside organic search results, and are marked with "Sponsored". These ads can be keyword-targeted. They are activated by keywords shoppers search on Amazon. Brands can set bids and then pay customers when they click on their ads.

Sponsored Products ads can be very effective in driving sales and increasing product visibility. These ads can be used to target customers actively looking for products that are related to the brand's offerings. Sponsored products ads can be created for brands that sell fitness equipment. These ads could target keywords like "exercise equipment", "gym accessories", etc. To reach customers interested in fitness products.

Sponsored Brand Ads - Sponsored brands can promote multiple products and their brand in one ad. These ads are placed at the top search results and marked with the brand logo. Sponsored brands ads include a headline, logo and custom image. You can also display up to three products. These ads can also be keyword-targeted to drive traffic to the brand's Amazon store and product detail pages.

Sponsored Brands ads can be very effective in increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to a store. They also promote multiple products together. Brands can use them to promote their products and create a consistent brand message. A fashion brand might create a Sponsored brands ad that features their logo, headline and images from their latest collection. This will attract customers to their stores and promote their products.

Sponsored Brands Video Ads - Sponsored Brands Video is an ad format on Amazon that allows brands to showcase their products in video creative ad format. This means that brands can add a video component to their Sponsored Brands ad, providing an additional layer of engagement and interactivity.

Sponsored Display Ads - Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon allow brands to promote products and brands on Amazon. These ads can be displayed in a variety of formats including product images, custom headlines and logos. They are intended to grab the attention of potential customers and drive them to click on the ad to visit the product detail page and brand store.

Sponsored Display Ads allow brands to target specific audiences with placements that will reach their customers.

Amazon Ad Targeting Options for India

Keyword Targeting - Brands can target their ads using specific keywords shoppers search on Amazon. Brands can choose keywords relevant to their products and create ads that trigger when those keywords are searched for on Amazon. Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products ads can be targeted with keywords.

Brands should conduct keyword research in order to effectively use keyword targeting. This will allow them to identify keywords that are relevant to their products, and have high search volumes. To find keywords that have the right mix of search volume, competition and search volume, they can use Amazon's keyword tools or third-party tools. Brands can also use negative keywords to exclude keywords not related to their products. This can improve their targeting accuracy.

Product targeting - Brands can target ads based on specific product categories or products on Amazon. Brands have the option to target specific products or entire product groups as targets in their ads. The ads are activated when customers view the products or products in the targeted categories.

Sponsored Products ads and Sponsored Brands ads offer product targeting. Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads offer powerful targeting options for brands that allow them to reach customers interested in the same products or categories. To reach smartphone-loving customers, brands can target their ads using popular models of smartphones or relevant product categories like "Electronics" and "Mobile Phones".

Interest-based Targeting - Brands can target their ads based upon the browsing habits and interests of Amazon customers. Brands can choose to target customers with specific interests and categories. Customers who are interested in these topics will see their ads. Display ads can be targeted based on interest.

Brands can use interest-based targeting to reach customers who are genuine buyers of their products and related topics. This is even though they may not have searched for the products on Amazon. If a brand sells pet supplies they could target Display ads with interests like "Pet Lovers", or "Pet Care" in order to reach customers who are interested in pets.

Amazon Ad Types and Targeting

Amazon ads and targeting options can be very important for Indian brands that sell on Amazon.

Amazon ads can increase visibility, particularly in highly competitive search results. Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads can be created with relevant keywords to ensure that your products appear at the top search results. This can help increase visibility for potential customers.

Increased brand awareness - Sponsored brands ads are especially effective at increasing brand awareness. Brands can make a strong impression on customers by displaying their logo, headline and products in one ad. You can also create visually appealing ads with display ads to grab customers' attention and increase brand awareness.

Amazon's Targeting Options - Amazon allows brands to target customers who are interested in their products and related topics. Brands can use keyword targeting, product targeting or interest-based targeting to ensure their ads reach the right audience. This increases the likelihood of driving relevant traffic and conversions.

Flexible Ad Placements - Amazon offers a variety of ad placements including product detail pages and search results pages. This gives brands the freedom to choose the best ad placements that meet their objectives. Strategically, brands can choose the ad placements that best suit their marketing goals, target audience, and product offerings.

Sample Ad Mix for a brand

Let's take FitGear, a fictional company that sells exercise equipment like resistance bands, yoga mats and accessories. FitGear can use Sponsored Brands and Display ads to reach their target audience.

Sponsored Products Ads by FitGear - FitGear can create Sponsored Products advertisements with relevant keywords that relate to fitness equipment such as "resistance band", "yoga mats", "workout accessories," and so on. This will allow them to increase their visibility among customers who are actively looking for these products on Amazon.

Sponsored Brands Ads by FitGear - FitGear can create sponsored brands ads featuring their logo, headline and images of the best-selling products. They can target keywords that relate to fitness and wellness in order to reach potential customers and promote their brand to be a trustworthy and reliable option for equipment.

Sponsored Display Ads by FitGear- FitGear has the ability to create visually appealing Display ads featuring attractive images that showcase their equipment and lifestyle. To reach customers interested in fitness-related topics, they can use interest-based targeting options like "Fitness Enthusiasts", or "Health and Wellness", even if they haven't searched for it on Amazon.

Demographic Targeting - FitGear has the ability to target their audience by using demographic targeting. This allows them to limit their reach based on location, age, gender, or even gender. They can target females between 25 and 45 who are interested in wellness products and fitness.

FitGear is able to create an ad mix that includes Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. It also uses demographic targeting and Display ads. This allows them to reach their target audience via Amazon India.


Amazon has a variety of targeting options and a wide range of ad types that can prove to be very effective for Indian brands. Brands have the ability to target specific ads with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Display ads.

It is hard to overstate the importance of Amazon ads types and targeting options for India. They give brands the chance to improve their visibility, increase brand awareness, reach relevant audiences, drive traffic and converts, as well as boost their brand visibility. Brands can optimise Amazon advertising campaigns and succeed in India's competitive e-commerce market by using the right targeting options and ad mix to meet their marketing objectives.

If you're a seller on Amazon India, it is crucial that you understand all the targeting options and ad types available. Then, create an ad mix that matches your brand's objectives. Amazon's powerful advertising platform will allow you to unlock the potential of the platform and generate meaningful results for your business.

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